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Win $1250 – Springleap Contest

Posted: 22 Feb 2011 03:48 AM PST

Springleap Contest

Springleap have hooked up with Vodacom in South Africa to offer a very generous $1250 in their latest contest, yep that’s US dollars and not South African Rand, so if you’ve got some design talent and you’ve never tried your luck there, this would be the time to start! The theme is “connectivity”, essentially it’s all a clever piece of marketing for a phone company who’s marketing department seemed to have got caught up in the whole idea of crowdsourcing, people hooking up with each other, that kind of jazz. Anyway, forget the hype, all you need to know is that:

The deadline for submissions to win $1250 is March 25th 2011.

The theme is “connectivity” and in particular imagining a life without Vodacom, without SMS (without mobile phones beeping incessantly… trains full of business jerks texting Eastern European call girls because their wives are screwing their fitness coaches… interruptions at dinner, or when you’re getting it on with that someone special… a life without mobile phones? Bliss.)

If you’re not a member then sign up at www.springleap.com and get cracking on that vision of a quieter, better dull and boring world without Vodacom!

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