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The Fresh Clothing 2011

Posted: 13 Jan 2011 05:37 AM PST

The Fresh Clothing releases a behind-the-scenes look into the brand’s approach to how their limited edition clothing is made. The video follows NJ screen printer and skateboarder, Jesse Sikorski through his print warehouse. Whilst providing a preview of the Winter 2011 line, the clip also boasts the underground and DIY influences that help define the brand.

The Fresh is a New Jersey-based, punk-inspired streetwear brand. Further information is available at www.thefreshclothing.com.


Posted: 13 Jan 2011 05:29 AM PST

Tee-Issue is a t-shirt community with a difference, they’re guided by a series of values, and noble ones at that. “Love. Freedom. Dreams. Children's rights. Environmental preservation.” For all those who wear their heart on their sleeve, perhaps its time to consider wearing it on your chest. If you’d like to jump in at the deep end and share Tee-Issue’s love of storytellling and moral highground, have a strong design background and want to get involved then contact them at designs@tee-issue.com.

If you’d rather do a little shopping then check out these shirts, ranging from $35 to $40 each and in various cuts and sizes, there is a naive yet rather charming range of designs on offer.

Swing Not Wii Tee

Swing not Wii Tee

Get this cutie (for the ladies) in sizes S-L for $35. Funny thing about the Wii, why don’t they just connect it to an exercise machine and get it over with – or at the very least add a few pounds weight to that controller :p

Spring Fling Tee

Spring Fling Tee

Is a Spring Fling something like a holiday fling? It seems to be mandatory if you’re a Brit in Ibiza. Ah well, nice tee, cool style too, get this unisex shirt for $35 in sizes S-L.

A Sip of Love Tee

A Sip of Love Tee

A Sip of Love Tee (Back)

A gorgeous ladies tee, this and the next are printed on both sides hence the price hike. Great value all the same. Rather French in appearance which would probably go down well in St. Tropez, then again you’d probably be wearing a Monokini :0 Ladies can get their sip of love for $40 in sizes S-L.

Mirror Tee

Mirror Tee

Mirror Tee (Back)

Mirror is very childlike in style and character, but the overall composition leans towards the profound. Something like a Bergman scene painted by a kindergarten Picasso. This and most of the tees at Tee-Issue definitely evoke a more painterly style. Very refreshing! $40 in sizes S-L.

See the rest at www.tee-issue.com.

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