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Norse Projects

Posted: 25 Feb 2011 06:52 AM PST

Carved from a solid block of ice in Copenhagen, Denmark, Norse Projects was conceived with a steely vision that the Vikings would have been proud of. Their street fashion invasion has slowly spread across the world as word spreads far and wide of their clean minimalist(ish) art tees, shirts, jerseys, jackets, trousers,  (I ain’t saying ‘pants’, I’m a Brit :p) and more. They bring a cool, calm, collected and intrinsically design-led acumen to the t-shirt market, or in Norse speak ‘the swarthy masses of the lowlands‘.

Plenty of great artists contributed to the latest collection including The Emperor of Antarctica, Belgian artist collective Pica Pica, Jens Funder Light and Danish artist Michael Rytz. The tees are rather pricey at 50 Euros (plus shipping) each, although each one is supplied with a limited edition print. They’re all available in sizes S-XL unless they’ve sold out a size and the tees are made in Europe too.

Circle Tee

Circle Tee

Looks like a Spirograph made from thread, lovely, and strange how cool it looks, even if it is something we all did in art class as a 5 year old. Very sweet actually. Pica Pica are great at producing cute designs like this one. S-XL.

Sculpture Tee

Sculpture Tee

Another ‘crafty’ tee by Pica Pica, it looks like their sculpture’s fallen down, lol. Still, as far as tees go it’s a cutie, only L-XL left!

Funder Black Tee

Funder Black Tee

Yep it’s white, howzat for arty? Lol. Jens Funder Light’s artwork looks a lot like a Joy Division album cover. Moody! M-XL.

Instinct Tee

Instinct Tee

I couldn’t agree more! S-XL.

Wanna See More?


Posted: 24 Feb 2011 05:31 PM PST

I’ve been meaning to get around to reviewing UK label Dephect for ages, I have no excuses bar the fact they’re so well known I wasn’t sure what I could “add to the mix”, but seeing as I’ve already reviewed their mates over at Sutsu it seems only fair! If you haven’t come across Dephect before (where have you been?) then you’re in for a treat. As for all those more familiar with the label I’ve lined up a few of their delectable screen printed tees from their latest Spring / Summer 2011 Collection. So it’s all good ;)

Dephect was borne from the mutual love of skater culture, the 90′s hip hop scene, and the passion of four friends in London for underground art and design. All this and more was to collide in a symphony of creative energy that eventually developed into a signature urban Brit fashion label with fans across the world. The site is as slick as the tees, and this latest collection pulls out all the stops when it comes to street savvy style with a London bad ass attitude that takes no prisoners.

In addition to their classic graphic tees Dephect have released a selection of high-end progressive cut and sew pieces, heightening the quality and experimentation for this unique brand all the more. Original design is abound at their store, created by hand picked artistic talent from around the world, each with their own cool biography page. Men’s tees are RRP. £24.99 but with the sale on there are plenty up at just £14.99 and for the girls £22.99 RRP and just £9.99 for the sale items!

Scrawl Tee

Scrawl Tee (Black)

Damn, nice style! Designed by UK graff artist Dan Kitchener, this takes me back to the good old days, 2000 AD, Alan Moore knows the score. Sweet. (Also available in white).

Face Tee

Face Tee (Aqua - Women's)

Face Tee (Heather)

This one’s by El Niño de las Pinturas (The Boy of Paintings) who’s something of a cult hero in the streets of Granada. A dreamy graffiti style tee that’s available in a selection of colours and cuts.

London Black Book Tee

London Black Book Tee (Black)

This limited edition shirt, designed by old school London graf artist Met, to accompany the London Black Book which features rare and unseen sketches and characters from over 200 of London’s top graffiti artists including Elk, Zomby, Drax, Mode 2, Cazbee, Goldie, Teach, Coma, Vibes, Neas and Met plus many more. Also available in white. Funny thing is the book is cheaper :0

Skull ‘N’ Mics Tee

Skull 'N' Mics Tee (Black)

Skull 'N' Mics Tee (Women's - Black)

The ultimate pirate tee, if you’re gonna’ rip that beat do it in style ;) Also available for guys in heather.

Finally a couple of real bargains from the sale section…

Mr Vinyl Tee

Mr Vinyl Tee (Heather)

Mr Vinyl Tee (Women's Olive)

Love it, vinyl nostalgia, the best there is. Get this one in heather and charcoal for the guys and olive for the girls.

Staying on the vinyl theme here’s another total bargain from the sale…

Remixomatic Tee

Remixomatic Tee (Gold)

Remixomatic Tee (Women's - Red)

Ver..ver..ver.v..v..v..very funky with a nice set of colours to match you can get this at £9.99 for girls and £14.99 for guys. Loving the gold version to bits, or should that be bytes?

There’s plenty more on offer including sweats, hoodies and prints, plus videos and tunes when you’re brassic. Unleash your dephectiveness at www.Dephect.com.

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