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Lucky Brains Tee

Posted: 23 Feb 2011 05:59 AM PST

Yes it’s another tee by 7th Ink, and for those wondering out there, and no I don’t work for them (even if I do write a lot of posts about them). I suppose it all comes down to the sin of pride. I really feel like I’ve helped move this label up to centre stage as far as the t-shirt market is concerned. And with good reason!

Lucky Brains Tee

Lucky Brains Tee (Guys)

Lucky Brains Tee (Detail)

Here’s my fave from the latest crop of new tees at Seventh.Ink Apparel. One of my faves so far in fact, the Lucky Brains Tee is on pre-order for $20 each (rrp $24) and starts shipping March 11th. Get it in sizes S-XXL for guys and girls.

And here’s my fake backstory :p  “A factory is built upon an Indian Burial Ground/secret cache of weapons grade Uranium/a secret cloning laboratory, and when they receive an order to manufacture a million boxes of a popular brand of breakfast serial, all hell lets loose. Lucky Brains, coming to a kitchen near you soon“.

Johnny Cupcakes Is Coming To London

Posted: 23 Feb 2011 05:38 AM PST

To mark the opening of their new London retail store on Saturday the 12th of March at 1:00pm in 10 Fouberts Place, Carnaby, London, Johnny Cupcakes is pulling out all the stops with an exclusive London tee and a fab toon to keep you occupied until the big day!

Johnny Cupcakes London Exclusive T-Shirt

Johnny Cupcakes London Exclusive T-Shirt (Detail)

Brimming with Yank clichés of London like the word ‘shoppe’ which hasn’t been used in London for a few hundred years and a guy in a top hat reading a newspaper which is more suited for Newmarket or Aintree racetracks than the capital, the design is still rather sweet.

Still, I’m sure Johnny will see how much we’ve all moved on since Charles Dickens wrote ‘A Christmas Carol’ when he steps ashore this septic sceptered isle of ours. Johnny, just a warning, don’t give beggars less than a quid (if anything) or they will shout abuse as they set their rabid dogs on you, apologise for George ‘W.M.D’ Bush before Obama ‘bamming strangers into a brief coma,  and don’t cite Dick Van Dyke as your favourite actor or someone will surely kick you in the nuts. All that asides, have a nice stay!

In the meantime Johnny will keep you occupied with this cartoon, hey, it’s like being a kid on a Saturday morning all over again =}

For the rest of the world who can’t make it to London here’s a few of their non-exclusive tees :p

Bunny Tee (Guys)

War Tee (Guys)

Brotherhood Of Bakers Tee (Girls)

Super Delivery Truck Tee (Girls)

See ‘em all here.

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