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Disturbia – Spring/Summer Collection

Posted: 21 Feb 2011 01:39 PM PST

Yay, the awesome Disturbia are back with another phenomenal collection of tees, vees, hoodies and accessories for the Spring/Summer. As usual expect eye-popping graphic excesses exploring the darker nether regions of society as well as some rather twisted humour to keep you all bubbling along. Subjects include dead whacked out Beach Boys, a satanic Beethoven and the Lizard King himself Jim Morrison – let’s just hope he doesn’t ask anyone to lament for his pee pee :p All this and more is available at £22 tees for guys and girls and vests at £20 each in sizes S-XL.

Damn, there are just too many to feature, I can only give you an idea of what to expect, although really all you need to know is this… “Wow!”

Travis Bickle Tee

Travis Bickle Tee (Guys)

Travis Bickle Tee (Girls)

Are you looking at me? No you’re looking at the finest t-shirt tribute to De Niro’s masterpiece, ‘Travis Bickle’. I love Taxi Driver so much, it’s the only time I can stand a performance by that awful “Can do!” woman Cybill Shepherd. I love the perspective in this one too, a perfect Bickle pose. Available as tees and vests for guys and tees for girls.

Kalma Tee

Kalma Tee (Guys)

Kalma Vee (Girls)

Kalma refers to the Finnish goddess of death rather than the Islamic prayer – just in case someone has a Fatwah brewing. Lovely detail as usual, gore has never looked as beautiful. Available as tees and vees for guys and girls.

Bad Vibrations Tee

Bad Vibrations Tee (Guys)

Bad Vibrations Tee (Girls)

If you’re an old tripper like me and ever had the misfortune to be bombarded by Pet Sounds just as you’re peaking then you will definitely relate to this tee. If not, take my word for it, as far as psychedelic sound goes The Beach Boys are more like heroin than heroes, unless of course you’re straight as a die. I love the style of Bad Vibrations, it’s something of a departure from the wild in-house style at Disturbia, but it works, for sure. You can go surfing in sorrow with this tee, no vests this time.

Symphony For The Devil Tee

Symphony For The Devil Tee (Guys)

Symphony For The Devil Tee (Girls)

Beethoven is spending eternity scrawling ditties for Diablo, don’t ask why, I have no idea, I’d have thought Wagner had more to answer for. But if you’re into your dead classical composers, this one’s a great start ;)

Wolves Tee

Wolves Tee (Girls)

Wolves Vee (Girls)

Wolves Tee (Detail)

So good it hurts, the illustration is a killer, perhaps the best yet from Disturbia, incredible colour and tonal shading make this one worthy of a major hardback graphic novel cover. Hope to see more like this for the future. Dead sexy too! Only for the girls this time, as vests and tees in sizes S-XL.

One more for luck…

Voodoo Chile Tee

Voodoo Chile Tee (Guys)

Voodoo Chile Tee (Girls)

Voodoo Chile Tee (Detail)

Now, if you’re going to get out of your bonce put some Hendrix on, it’s honestly the only way to go, this guy played guitar like most people orgasm. If you have a friend that can’t play guitar but insists you should listen sit them down with Are You Experienced and walk away. They should either improve or give up by the next morning… lol. Tees for the girls and tees/vees for the guys.

Incredible stuff as always – do you want more?

$2000 T-Shirt Design Contest

Posted: 21 Feb 2011 05:39 AM PST

$2000 T-Shirt Contest

The Curiositee Imachination T-Shirt Contest is offering a grand prize of $2000 for all you t-shirt designers looking to make some real money. It’s being run by the science and technology obsessed Phathom Tribe at Phathom.com so I think you can already guess what they’re looking for. You’ve still got until 11.59 PM EST March 15th to submit your entry, which is also when the public vote ends so the quicker you submit the better I’d say. Judging begins 16th March to the 22nd of March when the winner will be announced.

Here’s some of their blurb (complete with typo) to give you an idea of what you’re in for…

Whether your mission is to protect John Conner Connor at all costs or you simply have an idea on how to make your flux capacitor a little more eco- friendly. This is the T-shirt design contest to melt you steel heart.

Here’s the submission kit. You’ll be glad to know you can make unlimited entries too! So if you’re over 18, a sci-fi buff, and handy with a Wacom then here’s your chance to pay off those Xmas bills. If you want to keep up with all the latest then follow them at Twitter. Let’s hope they’ve bought the ‘Curiositee.com’ domain which is lying empty right now as hosting a t-shirt brand in a subdirectory won’t do them many favours at Google.

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