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A Time To Retreat

Posted: 10 Feb 2011 11:45 AM PST

British ethical Indie clothing company Retreat have a few arty tees up their proverbial sleeve, some I love, some not so much, it all depends on your taste – such is the nature of art. They’ve had a ton of exposure in the men’s magazines, including Front, Nuts and Juice. Not exactly my regular reads but there has to be a big market from that kind of high street exposure. Which is why I was surprised when they contacted me for a review, let’s hope it competes with all those highly paid journalists lol. Anyway I’ve picked out some tee treats, all of which are ultra-limited editions and water-based ink print, courtesy of Retreat so sit back and indulge.

Allegoria Tee

Allegoria Tee

Absolutely gorgeous, this one colour oversized print shirt really does shine with elegance. A dead classy hand drawn design, the sort of thing a Shakespearian actor would wear under that cravat. Nice title too, let’s hope the follow up is phantasmagoria, now that’d be wild. Available for £20 in black (S-L) and white (S-XL). Limited to just 30 pieces!

Geometric Landscape Tee

Geometric Landscape Tee

Halfway to Escher and back, love the craziness in this one, it’s a reprint of an old Lorenz Stöer work. Really sharp shading and a weird, young pot head reads Faust vibe to this one. Trippy! Available for £20 in black (S-L) and white (S-XL). Limited to just 30 pieces!

Craft Work Tee

Craft Work Tee

Reclaiming the title from early German electronica… nice! A seriously smart piece of branding, sure it’s a logo tee (of sorts), but what a beauty! Very classy yet again, I can imagine Retreat’s clientèle are rather swanky! Over sized discharge print limited to just 50 pieces! Available for £20 in black (S-L) and white (S-XL).

For more highly limited art shirts visit www.retreatstore.com.

Kinkiking Loves You

Posted: 10 Feb 2011 05:26 AM PST

If you’re a sucker for Valentine’s Day then you’re going to love this offer from the fashion tee peeps at Kinkiking – and that’s 30% off everything from today until the 14th!

Valentines Sale at Kinkiking


Posted: 10 Feb 2011 05:17 AM PST

Shhh! Listen, no ignore my stomach rumbling I missed lunch, I mean deep inside your mind, can you hear it? “Where can I get some great typographic tees?“. Well, you could try Innerspoken, I’m not the biggest fan of text-based t-shirts, it probably stems from being one of the only kids at school who refused to buy (and couldn’t afford) Nike, Adidas, and a bunch of other branded crap at the time. Still, it’s time to move on, and what better way than with the stylish profferings of a most savvy designer label with a penchant for getting under the hood of a message and punching it home with as little procrastination as possible.

It’s all about the detail with Innerspoken, as far as connecting with their market this label are almost like a well trained sniper team, before you know it their t-shirts are making you think, something that many people seem to have a natural aversion to these days. I love the simple messages, saying “hi” always helps, and this line from their blurb is a classic “The ampersand is the only thing I want to come between us. Can you make my wish come true?“. This is an indie label with a corporate clout, they know how to design, be it their site or their tees, they’ve nailed the concept on the head… quiet, personal, individual, emotional, true.

Hi Tee

Hi Tee (Gold)

Hi Tee (Detail)

I love the idea, great design, let’s hope it brings a few more people together or at least stop them fighting amongst themselves. Available in gold and aqua, sizes XS-XL for guys and S-L for ladies for $20 each.

Snowflake Tee

Snowflake Tee (Blue)

Snowflake Tee (Detail)

Simple but effective. Every snowflake is as individual as a fingerprint or DNA, nice idea. Although I would have made this shirt an extremely limited edition just to back up that idea of individuality! Available in blue and red, sizes XS-XL for guys and S-L for ladies for $20 each.

The Ampersand Tee

The Ampersand Tee (White)

The Ampersand Tee (Detail)

Nice detailing and it great message… aww. If you want to come over all smoochy with your other half then you could get one each and freak out all your friends :D Available in white, black and asphalt – sizes XS-XL for guys and S-L for ladies for $20 each.

See the rest of Innerspoken’s tees at www.innerspoken.com.

Walken Dead Tee

Posted: 10 Feb 2011 04:36 AM PST

High-end Floridian designers and screen printers Clack! Industries like to dabble with the occassional personal project from time to time just for a little fun. As it happens they have just released a new tee called the Walken Dead, a fine tribute to the living movie legend that is Christopher Walken. In particular his role as psychic Johnny Smith in the classic Cronenberg pulp horror masterpiece that is The Dead Zone. That’s the original 1983 film and not the bloody awful TV remake. When will TV programmers ever learn?

Walken Dead Tee

Walken Dead Tee

Christopher Walken is the man, well he used to be. He’s been in at least half a dozen of my favourite movies, he got mixed up in a fake presidential candidacy, and he’s still pretty light on his feet for an old guy. The design is an extraordinary slice of Photoshop goodness, if you’re into zombies this is as classy as it gets. Buy it in S-XXL for $25 (plus $3 for XXL sizes and shipping).

Whilst I’m at it I have to feature their other t-shirt at the store (there are only two). It’s a fantastic parody of the internet phenomenon that is the Three Wolf Moon. It’s not so much the design that took off in a big way as the buyers’ comments which must be some of the funniest sarcasm I have ever read – even if it is the lowest form of humour. On that note let me introduce to you…

The 3 Hippopoticorn Moon Tee

The 3 Hippopoticorn Tee

Bloody hilarious, what more can I say? Get this sublimely ridiculous t-shirt in S-XXL for $25 (plus $3 for XXL sizes and shipping).

If you need a great design house / print shop in Florida then check out their site at www.ClackIndustries.com.

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