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Frit People Tee by Bourdi

Posted: 07 Feb 2011 06:17 AM PST

French artist Bourdi has released his latest tee via RueDuTeeShirt.com and it’s a cracker. You might be familiar with Bourdi’s work, he’s a regular contributor to the French t-shirt community Mr. Poulet. Now that’s a site I need to feature again sometime, nice shirts! Anyway, check this out…

Frit People Tee

Frit People Tee by Bourdi

Frit People Tee (Detail)

For those who need a translation ‘Frit means fries’, so essentially they’re French Fries, haw he haw he haw. Love it. Not keen on the store though, looks like a print on demand site which means you can get the design on just about anything you like, but the t-shirts seem decent enough and start at €16.90 each. Here’s the Google Translate link if you need it.

See more of Bourdi’s funny t-shirt designs at his blog.

Customize Your Old Tees

Posted: 07 Feb 2011 05:59 AM PST

This post is for the ladies out there who’d love to simultaneously rid themselves of a few tired old tees whilst making a big bold fashion statement on a seriously low budget. The idea came from Italian fashion designer Francesca Menichelli.

Custom Tee by Frencesca Menichelli

If you want to replicate the above effect all you need asides a little time and some basic sewing skills is a pair of old tights and some elastic. Form tiny balls and attach them together with elastic then arrange them on the inside of your tee in a pattern of your choice; harlequin, grid, or even random and get sewing! It doesn’t sound like much, but with these simple materials you can end up with something rather stunning! If you like the effect then why not go mad and do the same to some leggings too!

Custom Tee 2

Check out Menichelli’s sketches if you have the time… www.francescamenichelli.com.

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