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Posted: 06 Feb 2011 06:22 AM PST

Don’t worry the world isn’t about to be destroyed by black blobs of ink from space, in fact Inkvasion hooked up with me at Twitter and so I checked out their site and found a couple of really sweet tees there, one is a juicy zombie shirt in a nice ‘n’ slick comic art style and the other looks like a lost poster for 2001 or any sci-fi movie of the same vein, very ominous! I’m keeping this brief as I really need to get a Sunday in once in a while, so take a gander at these two while I make sure there isn’t any black smoke bellowing out of the oven…

Eclipse Tee

Eclipse Tee (Heather)

A beautifully simple abstract design, a tad spooky with some dark sci-fi pretensions, love it. Get the Eclipse Tee for guys and girls in heather grey or purple at $29.95 each in sizes S-XL.

Zombie Tee

Zombie Tee

Another great shirt, this time featuring zombies, I’m always a sucker for zombie tees. Great illustrations too. Get the Zombie Tee Tee for guys and girls in white at $21 each in sizes S-XL.$21 each.

All Invasion’s tees are limited edition, hand printed and come with a lifetime warranty!?! Honest, it’s true, with just a few stipulations… “If your shirt is destroyed in any way whether Tornado, Laundry Mishap, Lightning Strike, Shark Attack, Alien invasion or even burning your threads saving babies from burning buildings, We will replace it for free.

See ‘em all at www.TheInkvasion.com.

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