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The Simple Things

Posted: 02 Feb 2011 11:43 AM PST

I’ve tried looking up the exact quote but essentially it’s The Simple Things that count, at least when it comes to fun, and you guessed it, simple graphic tees. Based in rather idyllic Cornwall and run by Adrian Blake, a guy on a mission to escape the dreaded 9 to 5 and spread his fun and quirky view of the world via his online store. There’s a nice selection of mid-priced tees and buttons on offer, leaning on the typographic but they work. What’s more no sign of generic fonts, nice hand rendered text and a good choice of colours.

Each of the following are on sale from £17.99 to £22.99, most available in sizes S-L. However ladies will miss out on my fave as there are only medium sized Add Colour tees left :/

Add Colour Tee

Add Colour Tee (Men / M)

As mentioned only men’s mediums left for this one, obviously a popular shirt, very funky.

Love The Simple Things Tee

Love The Simple Things Tee

Very nice hippy styling, reminds me of something off a psychedelic record cover. Groovy. On sale now at £17.99 for girls and guys in sizes S-L.

And Found Tee

Lost Tee

A slightly cryptic title for a nice little piece of semi-abstraction spelling out the word ‘lost’ in a rather pleasing safari-style cut-out font. Sorry girls this one’s just for the guys in sizes S-L for £17.99 each.

See more funky British tees at www.TheSimpleThings.co.uk.

Gryphony …Coming Soon!

Posted: 02 Feb 2011 06:59 AM PST

I’ve been bombarded with emails from Gryphony who insisted on sending me a shirt and requesting specific dates for a post. It reminds me a little of the teaser campaign for Gabbo on the Simpsons. Of course nothing in life runs smoothly, the t-shirt hasn’t arrived and the store hasn’t as yet launched, but I have to admire Gryphony’s lust for their label, that’s a good sign for me. As yet I have still not been let in on any specifics, except what many already know, and that is that this is another time-limited site, in this case you’ll have 72 hours to decide if you want to snap up their latest offering, before it’s gone forever.

Here’s the latest blurb “Founded in 2010. Gryphony comes out of the necessity of finding premium quality clothing and fun detailed designs. Gryphony is a clothing line by artists for artists. We hand pick everything that comes on our store and we believe clothing should be unique. We showcase a limited t-shirt design every 72 hours. Knowing the needs of today's designers, we want to give back to the community by helping struggling artists promote their work, create a fan base and spread the word about what they love to do, design.

In the meantime I have sneak preview of what I presume will be their first shirt:

Mario Vs. The Smurfs Tee

Mario Vs Smurfs Tee

Mario Vs Smurfs Tee (Detail)

To keep up with the latest at www.Gryphony.com sign up for the email newsletter or hook up with them at Facebook.

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