Fashion Design, Tips of Fashion, Fashions Week

Fashion Design, Tips of Fashion, Fashions Week

Fall Fashion 2011, Trapper Hat Winter Fashion Trend

Posted: 25 Feb 2011 09:35 PM PST

Winter Fashion 2011

Fall Fashion 2011

Fall Fashion 2011, This winter season a new trend became popular fashion and that is the trend of Trapper Hats. Embracing these trapper hats ensure total warmth on the head, as it covers the ears with its furs. Moreover, these hats offer a super fashion stylish look to the wearer. Counted as one of the essential accessories of the winter season this time.

Winter Fashion 2011

If you do the smartness of choosing the matching scarves or gloves, you can add more glamor fashion to your look with a trapper hat in the winter season. This is not all, you also get a very cozy feeling with its soft furs. Trapper hats come in various styles like with braids and in different colors from grey, black to brown.

Indian Fashion 2011, Embroidered Saree Blouse Design

Posted: 25 Feb 2011 09:25 PM PST

Indian Fashion 2011Indian Fashion 2011

Blouse Design 2011

Indian Saree Fashion

Indian Saree, I have seen Indian Saree Fashion Show and this spaghetti strap blouse Design with embroidered Saree "appliqué" on them and they just don't look very integrated. But I like the slight asymmetry in the blouse design and it adds distinctiveness to the Indian Saree Fashion.

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