Fashion Design, Tips of Fashion, Fashions Week

Fashion Design, Tips of Fashion, Fashions Week

2011 Summer Fashion Trends, Best Dresses of 2011 Grammy Awards

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 06:31 AM PST

Summer Fashion Trends 2011

Summer Fashion 2011

Fashion Trends, 2011 Fashion Trends, Here come a couple of pictures from the most important glam events, 2011 Grammy Awards. Wow, the event was really amazing and full of stars dressed in luxurious gowns. I am here to share with you the list of the most glamorous stars. Rihanna really turned heads in her beautiful Jean Paul Gaultier gown.

Summer Fashion Trends 2011

Rihanna really turned heads in her beautiful Jean Paul Gaultier gown.

Kelly Osbourne was pretty and lovely in a lavender silk chiffon floral dress from Tadashi Shoji.

Fashion Magazine, Kristen Stewart On Vogue Us February 2011

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 06:21 AM PST

Vogue Fashion Magazine

Vogue Fashion Magazine

Fashion Magazine, The pretty Twilight Star, Kristen Stewart has recently been photographed for the Vogue Fashion Magazine US February 2011 edition. This lovely celebrity has been shot by the ace photographer, Mario Testino.  She looks her stunning best in the photos captured by Marino for Vogue US January 2011 edition.

Vogue Fashion Magazine

In one of the photos shot for Vogue magazine, Kristen Stewart is wearing a Proenza Schouler tweed bustier dress. To boost her style, she wears Manolo Blahnik Heels and an amazing Hermes Black Leather Bracelet. Oribe has the credit for the hairstyle Fashion and Tom Pecheux is behind her makeup Tips.

This 20 year old actress seems eager to grant the fans with the news about her plans for her upcoming years. She has posed for different scenes created by Mario Testino. All the dresses worn by her for the photo shoot have been envisioned by Proenza Schouler. One of photos shows her in a simple yet sensuous manner with innocent eyes. Then, in one photo she is wearing a corset dress.

2011 Fashion Tips, Top 10 Fashion Tips 2011

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 06:08 AM PST

Fashion Tips

Fashion tips

Fashion Tips, 2011 Fashion has already begun and if you wish to update your fashion sense in this New Year, then read on about the top 10 fashion tips for 2011. Following this tips, you will be all set to gear up for the new Fashion style.First of all, choose the clothes that fit your body and not just because they are in Dress fashion. Remember, comfort is the key point in following any fashion and you should not blindly wear anything if it doesn't suit your body.

fashion tips 2011fashion tips

Another tip is to wear less jewelry Fashion, as sometimes even less is sufficient. In other words, don't over deck yourself with a lot of jewelry. Then, you must also be conscious of choosing the right accessories depending on the weather.

You will be able to enhance your fashion sense for 2011 by choosing the shoes and belts that match each other. Also, make sure to maintain them properly to keep them look like new always. You can also choose a pleasant fragrance in terms of deodorant and perfume.

Another tip is to wear the skinny jeans that are still in fashion in 2011. Try to wear loose fitting clothes made of natural fabrics in the hot summer season in light colors to look your best. On the other hand, in the winter season, go for bright colors in terms of sweaters and cardigans.

You can also update your fashion sense by checking the new trends online on fashion sites. Following the fashion show trends can also help updating your fashion sense in 2011.

Dress Fashion 2011, Black Organza Saree Fashion 2011

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 05:57 AM PST

Dress Fashion 2011

Saree Fashion

Indian Saree, Indian Saree Fashion is most popular Indian Fashion, The problem with dark colors with same color of beads of sequins  on Indian Saree is that it looks very plain and uninteresting from even the smallest of distances.

It is hard to appreciate the intricacies of the embroidery on a black on black saree. If somebody takes a picture of you close-up, it would look great, but if you are on a group,all the nuances and I think some of the beauty of the saree is lost.

Another thing that I don't like about similar Saree design is that it fails to give definition and all the curves sort of get unaccentuated.

This is not to say that there is no room for sarees like these; of course there is. A friend of mine, she is in her 70?s I think, has a favorite saree that is white on white. It looks unassuming from any distance but she knows that it is a pretty saree, and thats what counts.

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