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Bruno Blum Tees @ I’n'Eye

Posted: 31 Jan 2011 05:39 AM PST

Bruno Blum is something of a legend in France and the world of reggae, being a singer-songwriter, guitarist and music producer (nicknamed ‘Doc Reggae’) you’d think he’d have little time for anything else. Think again. He’s also a celebrated cartoonist, illustrator, painter, photographer, writer and lecturer. What’s more a brand new French fashion label I’n'Eye who are heavily influenced by the reggae scene (can’t you tell?) have chosen 3 of Blum’s magnificent illustrations for their first release. A set of 3 tees, all of which are also available individually, screen printed with loving care, (although the designs are a little bit small for me I guess that’s the way they do things in France), and on offer in sizes L/XL at €20 each or 3 for €50.

The Dread Brothers Tee

The Dread Brothers Tee

A very furry freaky design, can’t help thinking the prints should be far bigger though. Anyone remember the Freak Brothers? When the hell is that coming out as a movie? Anyone? Okay give me the money and I will make it :p

Don’t Drink and Drive Tee

Don't Drink And Drive Tee

…Smoke and Fly! Sounds good to me, bad to most of you I’m sure, but it’s one of many reasons I think I might have been French in another life, I love the  arts quarter café culture there. If only they could add a little Amsterdam shenanigans into the mix, I’d probably emigrate!

Mystic Vibes Tee

Mystic Vibes Tee

Yeah man, peace out, groovy. One big happy family of freaks, this is the way life was meant to be.

Let’s hope for larger prints for the next series, until then buy one Bluno Brum shirt or the lot at www.ineye-shop.com or keep up-to-date via their blog at www.ineyeblog.wordpress.com. Make sure you brush up on your French (or at least Franglais) first though!

Janine Tee @ Oneiroi Apparel

Posted: 31 Jan 2011 04:56 AM PST

Oneiroi Apparel (pronounced on-e-roy) is a rather subconsciously inspired London indie fashion company. Taking inspiration from dreams and their emotional pull on us all, be they burning desires, cherished aspirations, ambitions and ideals that roam our collective subconscious and give each and everyone of us the will and drive to get up every morning and do something with our lives.

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I’ve always had a suspicion that dreams have some kind of homoeostatic purpose, and were deeply connected to living life to the full. In fact I found out recently that an average human being can live longer without food than they can  without dreams! Oneiroi Apparel’s mantra is ‘No Tax On Dreams’, which lies at the core of their ethos, weighing up the power of hope and vision, coupled with self belief and a strong work ethic, this should be all you need to reach your goals.

Janine Tee

Janine Tee

Janine Tee (Detail Shots)

A rather beautifully hand rendered illustration, the Janine tee exudes Art Deco and Film Noir, I love the slightly deranged scribbles towards the bottom of the image and tears and cigarette smoke heighten the mood. There’s rather a wonderful Hindu mantra on the product page too… 'Good work done with bad intentions inevitably leads to failure. That is why one should refrain from evil tendencies.' – Yajur Veda. You can buy this shirt in sizes S-L in white for £25.

See more t-shirts at www.OneiroiApparel.co.uk.

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