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Latest Tees at Ardentees

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 01:47 PM PST

I featured some superb tee designs at Singapore based Ardentees (a.k.a ARDT) last April – well here’s a load more courtesy of their latest collection.

The PR blurb says “The theme revolves around the protagonist's dreams. A digital video error has been intentionally manipulated and controlled to create a unique effect known as datamoshing, which was made famous by Kayne West in one of his videos.” (ooh fancy schmancy!)

This collection introduces 8 exclusive designs from new global artists like Russian Vladimir Snegotskiy aka Waldez and fellow Brit Iain MacArthur and the pick of their current crop of artists Jack Crossing and Hannes Hummel. The latest range of designs offers a riot of colour, ultra intricate print details and portraits of the fairer sex to form an eccentric mix-mash of designs furthering the credibility of Ardentees as a major art shirt label. This latest collection offers a better range of t-shirt colours and fitted styles for the girls. All of the following are priced at 50 SGD each (which works out just under $40 US) as unisex tees in XS to L.

Beauty in Versicolor Tee

Beauty in Versicolor Tee

Beauty in Versicolor Tee (Detail)

Gorgeous illustration, I’d take Versicolor over Technicolor any day :p See more of Hansomoto’s work at www.blog.vintagekitsune.org.

Another Karma Tee

Another Karma Tee

Another Karma Tee (Detail)

Take a look at the detail shot, this is most definitely a phenomenal skull tee. Totally crazy design by Waldez.

Beauty Tee

Beauty Tee

Beauty Tee (Detail)

Beauty is on the inside. Lovely design by Iain MacArthur.

Rice Rice Crispies Tee

Rice Rice Krispies Tee

Rice Rice Krispies Tee (Detail)

Love the Dada influences in this design by the highly talented Bene Rohlmann.

See more extraordinary tees at www.ardentees.com.

Free T-Shirt Tuesday @ rockworldeast

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 11:16 AM PST

ROCKWORLDEAST, the highly popular rock/metal/punk merchandise outlet have just announced the launch of their all new Free T-Shirt Tuesday event. To win a freebie tee from them all you need is a Twitter account and a little bit of luck :D


The fun starts tomorrow Tuesday Jan 25th, 2011 at Noon. Here’s the technical bit:


2) Enter #freeTSHIRTtuesday

3) Visit www.rockworldeast.com, and find the t-shirts that you love, hit the tweet button, repeat and sit back and wait to win.

4) Contests will run from 12:00 AM midnight – 11:59 PM all day (Atlantic Time), every Tuesday.

5) Users can enter as many times as they like for as many different t-shirts as they wish, there are no limits.

6) No less than 1 winner will be selected randomly and announced every Wednesday morning to win a T-shirt (including shipping) they have selected using the tweet button at their site.

Redemption Brand

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 10:46 AM PST

Here’s a couple of Winter Collection tees from Redemption Brand. I missed out on the absolute belters they had last Summer including Beholder and Authentic. I’ve had a word with Tyler Hoppel, the guy behind the label and it’s 50/50 right now if they’ll be reprinted in the future. Ah well, console yourselves with these two unisex t-shirts available at $18 in sizes XS-XXL…

Protect Your Heart

Protect Your Heart Tee

Protect Your Heart Tee

There were Griffins everywhere when I was a kid, school crests, church towers, royal shields, and half of Wales was smothered in them back then. I guess life in Ol’ Blighty did used to be a little like Harry Potter. Nice design, nice tee, nice Griffin, good Griffin, ouch.

Icon Tee

Icon Tee

Icon Tee

Kinda little bit Fantastic 4 for me, but then again I am an old git and my Lycra jumpsuit has seen better days. If you like your t-shirts branded to the hilt you’ll struggle to find better than this one. Slick, like Fairey but without the faces.

One last thing, a quick tale on how exactly Redemption Brand got its name :- “The idea of starting a clothing company came to me when I went into an interview about 7 months ago and came out a changed person. The interviewer immediately judged because I had tattoos and I knew he wasn’t going to give me the job as soon as he set his eyes upon me. How do I know this you might ask? He told me. His words that are now engraved on my mind were “you would be qualified to work in our warehouse because of your tattoos, not in the office where our customers could see you”…

See moreof what Tyler did next at www.RedemptionBrand.com.

Love Like Vultures Tee

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 05:24 AM PST

This is a very special t-shirt for you, yes it’s a charity t-shirt, and yes all the profits will go to charity, but the personal story behind the design really hits home. I think it best if I let People Like Me explain the reasoning behind their latest limited edition Love Like Vultures Tee.

When we started People Like Me, we had plans to use our powers for evil. Nothing fancy, just the usual stuff: money, world domination, and a rap video featuring P Diddy. But when friend to the company, Kerry Kelemen, needed help we jumped at the chance to play the role of hero. On Kerry’s 24th birthday she was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia). After battling the disease for about a year, she was transferred home to Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital in New York City where she received a bone marrow transplant from her big brother in October. This month we learned that the transplant was not successful. The leukaemia is back, but Kerry is still fighting.

PLM’s designer and founder David Ayllon teamed up with Kerry to create this very special limited edition Valentine's Day t-shirt entitled Love Like Vultures. The thinking behind this particular Valentine’s design is as apt as they come – out of all the animals that mate for life, Black Vultures are amongst the ugliest and vicious. It seems that even they have a soft side. BTW do keep an eye out for the poem printed on the inside of the shirt.

Love Like Vultures Tee

Love Like Vultures Tee

Love Like Vultures Tee (Detail)

Love Like Vultures Tee (Poem Detail)

The Love Like Vultures Tee is available for presale for one week only (sale ends midnight on the 31st of this month). Every dime they make from this t-shirt will go to Kerry and her fight against leukemia. A beautiful bittersweet gesture, a perfect way for Kerry’s friends to show her just how much they love her, and for the rest of us, this is more than just another t-shirt, it’s a chance to help someone who really needs it.

Pre-order yours now for $30 in sizes S-XXL for men and women here. If you can’t afford the t-shirt then show Kerry some support by joining her Facebook group Dropkick Cancer for Kerry Kelemen. We all wish you a full recovery Kerry.

New Bloodlust Tees

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 04:15 AM PST

Bloodlust is small indie t-shirt label run by the extremely dedicated Josh Lovell. If there’s one thing this guy loves its horror tees, so much so he designs and sells them himself. There are still a few tees left on sale at just $8 each however the strongest contender, his Bat Head Tank has sold out. Still I do have a sneak preview of his two latest horror tee designs (a third is on the way), each of which will be coming out on February 1st!

Coffin Bat Tee

Coffin Bat Tee

Nevermore Tee

Nevermore Tee

Each will be released on Feb. 1st and will be priced at $16 each. Printed on soft slim fit shirts in sizes XS-XL.

It’s always nice to help out a new label get their feet on the ground, looking at Josh’s earlier work and comparing it to his Nevermore Tee I have a feeling that success is just around the corner for Bloodlust!

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