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Posted: 05 Jan 2011 07:02 AM PST

Mad name, superb tees, in fact it’s been a long old while since I’ve stumbled upon a label that ticks all the boxes. Kinkiking has four brands under one roof, Tokyo Toxics, Celebritees, Kinkiking and Prin T Error, and they all rock. Honest guv‘. This find is all down to Twitter, if they hadn’t tracked me down there I’d probably have missed them altogether. They’re based in Barcelona and generally, design-wise at the very least, completely and utterly have their finger on the pulse. There are definitely some instant classics in their collection too, I can’t get their Bathman out of my mind, a rather disturbing sight, especially if you’re an old school comic fan. Their infectious sense of humour spreads with other memorable tees like Mr. Rubrik and Toast Rider.

Gundam Tee

Gundam Tee (Girls)

Gundam Tee (Girls/Detail)

Gundam Tee (Detail) Guys
Gundam Tee (Guys)

If you love your Manga but want it strawberry flavoured then here is your chance. €21 each for guys (M/L/XL) and €23 for girls (M/L). Of course the sexy model isn’t included.

MECHAel Jackson Tee

MECHAel Jackson Tee (Guys)

MECHAel Jackson Tee (Girls)

Jacko is long gone, but MECHAel Jackson is on a worldwide tour courtesy of Tokyo Toxics. Available for girls in M/L €23 and guys M-XL €21.

The Bathman Tee

The Bathman Tee (Guys)

The Bathman Tee (Girls)

The Bathman Tee (Detail/Guys)

This is a newbie from their sub-label Celebritees and probably would’ve been one of my favourites of 2011 if it wasn’t for the print size – big is definitely better. Still, besides the titchy print, I love the concept!! If I was a Kinkiking artist I’d seriously consider launching a comic book, who knows, a movie deal might just be around the corner? Available for girls in M/L €25 and guys M-XL €21.

Mr. Rubrik Tee

Mr. Rubrik Tee (Guys)

Mr. Rubrik Tee (Girls)

Another serious contender from the Celebritees series, love it. Available for girls in M/L €23 and guys M-XL €21.

If you want to see how Mr. Rubrik ended up like that then watch this…

Cold Coffee Tee

Cold Coffee Tee (Guys)

Cold Coffee Tee (Girls)

There’s nothing worse than a cold coffee, well actually there is plenty worse, but still, this is a great take on a rather annoying theme for me. Let me just take a sip of my coffee… urrggh. Get this snazzy little tee for girls in M/L €25 and guys M-XL €21.

There’s plenty more on offer including superb buttons and badges, and some mad hats, plenty of videos to keep you occupied, and they’re socially hooked up everywhere, Behance, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube. This is one organised label! In their spare time, Kinkiking, which is jam-packed with some great artists and designers like spend their spare time (when they have any) reading comics, rocking out and spraying and pasting Barcelona with their unique street art. If it’s urban, if it’s art, if it’s in Barcelona, they are there. See more cool tees at www.Kinkiking.com!

Think Peace Tee

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 05:17 AM PST

Hey I know that Xmas is over but what the heck, let’s keep that feel good feeling going on for as long as we can. To help keep your spirits up check out the Think Peace Tee by Cultural Cotton. It’s available for just $12 right now  in women’s large sizes and unisex sizes S-XXL. BTW they’ve an extra deal for you, “60% 40% 20% OFF selected t-shirts plus free shipping when you order $25.00 or more!”. Work that one out for yourselves.

Think Peace Tee

Think Peace Tee
Think Peace Tee (Detail)

That is one sweet design, I’m surprised no one has thought of it before. If I was Cultural Cotton’s head designer I’d do the same with the anarchy symbol i.e.

Anarchy symbol

Who know it might happen? Look at me giving away design ideas, what am I like? Anyway, I’m sure it would go down well at all the festivals CC visit!

See more at www.CulturalCottonT-shirts.com.

604Republic Clearance Sale

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 05:00 AM PST

604Republic are having a clear out for the New Year with plenty of tees at $10 and hoodies at $30 each. Hurry though, there’s only 2 days left for the sale!

604Republic Clearance Sale
604Republic Clearance Sale

See them all here.

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