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Baby Tees With A Difference!

Posted: 18 Dec 2010 01:07 PM PST

Take a look at these absolutely hilarious tees available via French mineral water brand Evian. They’re all available at 30 Euros each, two for the guys, one for the ladies. It’s supposed to be something to do with the “Live Young Community” whatever the hell that is. I guess it’s all a spin-off of their ad campaign by the advertising agency BETC Euro RSCG, who designed the shirts. Ah well, get your nappies on then :D

Fred Tee

Ornella Tee

Nicolas Tee

More info at: www.shop.evian.com

Sugar Steak Apparel

Posted: 18 Dec 2010 12:52 PM PST

I’ve never had a sugar steak, I think it must be an American thing, a big fat American thing, you tell me, I’m just a skinny Limey. Anyway, Sugar Steak Apparel was founded by Kyle Creek in order to counteract the “the affliction of overly macho, predictable, and all-too-common attire in our society”. I’m not sure how much overly macho fashion you’ve come across but I’d say there’s plenty of variety out there no matter your taste. However I’m glad to introduce SSA to the mix because they really do make some cool tees, neither macho nor effeminate, they’re just cool. If you like street art, comics, and low run tees, (sometimes limited editions) then you really need to check them out. Their t-shirts are all available for $19.95 each (limited editions are $24.95) – they also do few nice sweats, decals and some special prices on their bundled shirts. What’s more all their tees come with a free decal too!

Short-STACK Tee

Short-STACK Tee (Limited Edition)

Short-STACK Tee (Back)

One of a couple of highly limited shirts, I love the crazy promo shot for this tee, the graphics are of course great, it looks like someone is bulking up lol. ;) There’s a nice little piece of subtle logo branding on the back too.

Ass-Backwards Tee

Ass-Backwards Tee

Ass-Backwards Tee (Girls)

Probably the best piece of branding subterfuge I’ve ever seen. Geddit?

Party Animal Tee (Limited Edition)

Party Animal Tee (Limited Edition)

Party Animal Tee (Close-Up)

Here’s a limited edition tee for the girls (or “dolls” according to SSA). I love the design but I’m not so keen on the colour combo, although I’m not a “doll” unless it’s Action Man I suppose hah.

Sweet ‘n’ Simple Tee

Sweet 'n' Simple Tee

Last but not least it’s the Sweet ‘n’ Simple Tee, an ultra clean design, really smooth lines, and more food related craziness from the team at SSA. Very tasty…

See ‘em all at www.sgrstk.com.

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