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Loviu Tees

Posted: 13 Dec 2010 08:40 AM PST

Loviu is another new t-shirt community that’s well worth checking out, especially if you’re a designer or artist! Check these juicy prizes out for starters:

  • €5K total in prizes!
  • €3K Grand Prize (wowzers!)
  • €1K 1st Runner Up
  • €500 2nd Runner Up
  • €500 3nd Runner Up
  • As you can guess by the Euros it’s a European company (Slovakia as it happens!), the site is in beta right now and the first winner will be announced in 5th March 2011 (which gives you tons of time for tons of submissions), they plan to print one unique limited edition screen printed tee collection every 24 hours and sell them at 12 Euros each. Here’s a few designs in the running right now:

Dancing Goblin Tee by Cryface

Dancing Goblin Tee

HELLevision Tee by adamg

Hellevision Tee

CRUSH Tee by Jason Byron Nelson

Crush Tee

Harry Rotter Tee by Wilzon

Harry Rotter Tee

They’re the best right now, but damn, that’s still a really high standard (gulp).

R100 Gift Voucher from Springleap

Posted: 13 Dec 2010 07:33 AM PST

100 Rand Gift Voucher

To wish all their customers old and new a happy Xmas, South African tee community Springleap is giving away a number of gift vouchers worth R100 (100 Rand = 14.6342 USD as of today). To get yours you just need to email eran@springleap.com for your voucher – only one per person!

They say it’s so they can “personalise” each voucher, so if it’s for a friend then you’d better tell them who. It looks like a rather savvy marketing stunt to me, first off their tees start at R183 so the voucher is really just a discount code. What’s more they’ll get your email address to boot, so it’s up to you, if you were going to buy a tee at Springleap anyway, you’re quids Rands in. Otherwise… nah.

It would be a lot simpler and more honest if they’d just release a discount code instead – ah well – you live and learn…

Someone is trying to steal Buy-Tees.net

Posted: 13 Dec 2010 06:30 AM PST

First off, whatever you do, don’t use Godaddy, they don’t give a flying **** what happens to their customers. That’s the trouble I’ve been having, someone’s hacked my Godaddy account, I’ve changed the passwords, got everything to do with Buy Tees away from my Gmail account (which was probably the culprit), locked the domain (after the hacker had unlocked it and asked for an auth code to transfer it). Since then I’ve upgraded to a more secure package, basically the moment I unlock it the hacker’s going to grab this baby.

I feel two things right now, really p*ssed off and at the same time, rather strangely flattered that someone would bother. To be honest, if it wasn’t for the remaining advertisers I’d probably let the hacker take the blog, it takes so much of my time up and in no way helps my art career.

On the same day I realised I had a hacker I was approached from a major publisher asking if they could include one of my pieces (Warholes) in the next edition of the forthcoming title ‘Illustration’ by Andrew Hall, published by Laurence King Publishing, London. They’re releasing 12k copies so that should be some good PR for me!

So what I’m saying is either, within a week or so, your favourite t-shirt blog will have been hacked and spammed up with some junk links by some guy living in a hole in Russia or China – or – normal service will be resumed. Fingers crossed :/

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