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Elephantman Tee

Posted: 04 Dec 2010 04:47 AM PST

Recently I wrote a review of One Ten and one of the artists featured was Seb Burnett. Seb’s just sent me over details of his Elephantman Tee available at Spabbyland and even though it’s a little “niche” I love it and think that plenty of you will too.

Elephantman Tee

Elephantman Tee by Seb Burnett

Seb is selling these to fund his animation project Bertram Fiddle. Available for £20 each at Spabbyland, the Elephantman Tee is a limited edition of just 30 available in small, medium or large and each order comes with its very own Elephantman ink drawing.

Rather hilarious if you ask me, and deserving of an animation in its own right, but for now Seb has enough on his plate with Bertram Fiddle. There are a few other lovely Bertram Fiddle related hand pulled screen prints and cards at the store too, just in case you fancy taking a peek!

In the meantime take a gander at one of Seb’s videos to keep you satisfied…


Seb alongside his mate Joe and a musician called Alex runs Rumpus Animation in Bristol, England, they’ve already had some funding and script help for various projects from South West Screen, UK Film Council, David Bull and Aardman Animations, but now they’re on their own and so buying one of his Elephantman Tees could help create another episode of the strange and quixotic animated series of Bertram Fiddle – a Victorian Explorator and Adventurist who has a funny habit of meeting some of the strangest creatures on his travels.

If you want to know more then I’d definitely read Bertram’s blog at www.bertramfiddle.blogspot.com – which is as funny as the films as it happens. There’s a mention of Bertram’s friend the Elephantman aka Joseph Merrick P.I there too! I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing Seb all the best in his fascinating animation, let’s hope someone with a little vision and a lot of money picks up on it soon!

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