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The Science of T-Shirt Design @ T-lab

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 10:05 AM PST

There’s going back to basics and then there’s going back to basics. T-lab are here, to put it as bluntly as possible, to cut the metaphorical crap and boil down t-shirt and hoodie design to a visually sub-atomic level. If you’re looking for beautiful illustrative meanderings, bawdy humour, cute factor, or anything you’ve come to love and expect from t-shirt design then exit the T-lab now. If on the other hand you have a penchant for the abstract, classic European minimalist design  and a cool calm theme for your collection then don the proverbial white coat and safety glasses, and step into the hermetically sealed environment of this uniquely experimental UK fashion brand.

Although their tees are on sale at a slightly pricey £25 each, they do use traditional screen print methods for ultra crisp designs and very high quality shirts from ethical suppliers. What’s more you’ll be very pleased to know I’ve managed to wrangle a very generous discount for all you lucky lucky readers :D Get 15% off all T-lab products by entering the code buytees15 at the checkout!

Downhill Tee

Downhill Tee

Inspired by a combination of Ski Tirol posters and 80′s one-piece ski suits.

Snoflake Tee

Snoflake Tee

Reinventing a seasonal icon. Check out those subtle psychedelics.

Surveillance Tee

Surveillance Tee (Blue)

Surveillance Tee (Brown)

Prying eyes in all 3 dimensions.

For more plenty more graphic abstract tees and hoodies visit www.t-lab.eu.

Merry Xmas From 2 Sick Bastards

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 09:10 AM PST

2SB are celebrating the season of cheer in their own twisted way with a chance to win a limited edition signed screen print of one of their best selling tees Rest in Pieces. Usually you’d have to fork out £95 for this, which is screen printed on some very festive silver metallic paper!

The Smooth Crimi-Noël Contest

Smooth Crimi-Noël Contest

New T-Shirt Community – Prawspektiv

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 08:54 AM PST

Prawspetiv - A New Tee Community

I don’t know much about Prawspektiv.com but they seem a friendly enough bunch, based in Europe (I’m guessing France by the language options) and offering up a bloody enormous $5000 prize for their first design winner. The contest starts on the 11th of February 2011 so there’s’ plenty of time to think up some genius designs – heh. I do know this – they want very detailed designs – so you’d better get practising! If you want to know more then your best bet is to follow them on Twitter or fan them at Facebook. Until then this flyer will have to keep you satisfied :0

New Tees @ 604Republic

Posted: 03 Dec 2010 05:19 AM PST

There are 7 new tees for the guys (sorry ladies) at 604Republic, here are my two faves, absolutely super stuff…

Stoned in Wonderland Tee

Stoned in Wonderland Tee

Stoned in Wonderland Tee (Detail)

Amazing stuff, I love the style, content, perfect for stoners, trippers and loons young and old lol. This should really be available for girls too, share the love :p


Zipperstein Tee

Zipperstein (Detail)

Hey why sew when you can zip? Another great illustrated tee!

Both are available in all sizes at $18.95 each and are printed on American Apparel. These are easily the best of the new crop, although it’s worth checking all their latest tees – plenty more surprises if you haven’t been to www.604Republic.com in a while…

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