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The London Vandal

Posted: 01 Dec 2010 05:52 AM PST

First off I must declare an interest, or at least an enormous bias, I lived in London for years and have always been a big ol’ fan of street/urban/graffiti art, so as far as I am concerned The London Vandal (urban art blog and collective) could print a poop on a t-shirt and it would still be worth reviewing. What The London Vandal are doing is exactly what I’ve always hoped for the future of the indie t-shirt industry. As soon as street artists began screen printing limited editions of their work to fund those daredevil jaunts around the world I knew it wouldn’t be long before they began to stray into the t-shirt market, especially as they use exactly the same gear to print them up and here’s the proof.

The London Vandal fund their superb urban art showcase site at www.thelondonvandal.com and all their personal exploits on the streets of London with the sales from their unique tees, which have just about all the street cred you could ask for. Damn, Fairey is such a sell out these days we need something other than ripped Banksy’s for our beloved tee collection. Asides the enormous kudos the designs are top-notch, I wouldn’t expect any less from these guys. There are only 3 tees on offer right now, one is designed by the legendary toon tripping Dutch illustrator that is Rick Berkelman. Ironically enough the other two are by French artist Reack, so none are actually by a Londoner (hey I’m an urban artist and I’m in was born London… hint hint lol).

Anyway check ‘em out, they are gorge, and on offer at £17 each in all sizes right now.

The Original Tee (by Rick Berkelmen)

The Original Tee

This one is limited to just 150 so I doubt I will be getting a freebie lol. Love it, love Berkelmen’s work, a really nice composition and cute too – which is a rarity for me to say positively – but yes damn it, it’s cute all right? J

Don’t Get Caught Tee (by Reack)

Don't Get Caught Tee

Lovely piece of graffiti inspired illustration from French artist Reack, there’s another one for you in a ‘mo. Good advice too!

Me, Myself & My Ghetto Blaster (by Reack)

Me Myself & My Ghetto Blaster Tee

One for the Hip Hop lovers, if all else fails at least the music won’t let you down, unless your batteries run out that is :p

All three tees are hand screen printed (yay) on high quality tees for your delectation. Check out the store and the blog for more info.

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