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Fashion Design, Tips of Fashion, Fashions Week

Happy Merry Christmas, Christmas Tattoo Joke

Posted: 23 Dec 2010 10:28 PM PST

Christmas Tattoo Joke

Christmas Tattoo

A woman walks into a tattoo parlor a few weeks before Christmas. She gets into the tattooists chair and tells the Christmas tattoo artist, "I want two Christmas tattoos, one on each of my inner thighs. I want a turkey on one thigh and a Christmas tree on the other."

The tattoo artist begins his work, but is a bit confused, so he says, "Lady, I'll do anything my customers want, but I gotta ask, why would you want a turkey on one thigh and a Christmas tree on the other?"

"Well, if you really want to know," she firmly answers, "I'm sick and tired of my husband telling me that there's never anything to eat between the Christmas holiday."

Christmas 2010, Christmas Tattoos Design

Posted: 23 Dec 2010 09:19 PM PST

Christmas 2010 Tattoos

Happy Christmas 2010

Christmas Tattoo, Web4fashion offers the highest quality temporary Christmas tattoos, FDA approved, and easy to use tattoos. We offer over 2,000 designs such as butterfly tattoos, tribal tattoos, arm bands, animal tattoos, and more. Our temporary tattoos are made for all ages. Kids will love them, adults will enjoy them, and teens will adore them. Please feel free to browse across our easy to use website and select your favorite tattoos.

Happy Merry Christmas 2010

Posted: 23 Dec 2010 08:30 PM PST

Happy Merry Christmas 2010

Happy Merry Christmas

Happy Merry Christmas 2010, Temporary Tattoos for Christmas Holidays On Sale Now! Stocking Stuffer Gifts by Temporary Tattoo Factory. Tattoo Somebody for Fun and Look good at the Office Party cheap and easy. & make your self look just right !! You can Order today, we ship today and you'll have a large selection to choose from Tattoo Fashion.

Happy Christmas 2010, Christmas Tattoos

Posted: 23 Dec 2010 08:07 PM PST

Christmas Tattoo


Christmas Tattoos, The Christmas season of tattooing is here and to kick off the giving time of year, I am offering 8 hour sessions of tattooing for $500.00. It can be multiple tattoos or a large arm, leg, or back piece.

And this is a GREAT idea for a gift certificate for someone you love that loves tats! We'll even have the certificate delivered by one of our elves!

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