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Artistic Green Apparel (1 tee = 1 tree)

Posted: 29 Nov 2010 04:12 AM PST

This is as about as green as the t-shirt industry can get, a remarkable offer of one tree  planted for every Artistic Green Apparel tee bought. Amazing. I’d love to see this happen with every product out there, and perhaps a small forest for every S.U.V purchased out there. The website design is seriously dated, and that colour scheme something akin to militaristic, but all is forgiven when you realise that not only is their heart in the right place but they have knocked out a few cool t-shirts too ;)

All of their clothing is American Apparel and as mentioned, for each t-shirt a customer buys, they plant one tree (1 tee = 1 tree).  They have recently won $25,000 in the Pepsi Refresh Project and have been using the money to help expand their clothing line and reach. Their business has massively expanded over the past few months and they are definitely looking forward to the future. Their future consisting of more eco tees, plus some sterling work for the environment including recycling drives and park clean ups, a goal of attaining a zero carbon footprint, and for next summer jaunting off to as many music festivals as possible to promote their brand. Now that’s the way to do business, save the earth and still have fun!

Right now I’d say that these two definitely stand out from the collection…

Man o’ Warning Tee

Man o' Warning Tee (Girls)

Man o' Warning Tee (Guys)

The absolutely best tee on the site, a lovely style, reminds me of a few vintage Japanese illustrations I’ve ogled in the past. The story behind the shirt is rather terrifying actually, it looks like the sea has warmed up so much that asides the vast swathes of “plastic soup” drifting in the Atlantic, now it seems that jellyfish are killing everything they can find in the sea. The Brits have already just about lost their stable diet of cod and chips, what now, jellyfish and noodles? Someone pass me a pair of Marigolds and a large net. This tee is available for guys and girls in sizes S-XL at $16.99 each.

No. The Facts Tee

No. The Facts Tee (Guys)

No. The Facts Tee (Girls)

A cool typographic tee with a serious message… “30 billion plastic bottles every year. Less than 5% is recycled. Bottles take 700 years to decompose. 1.04 billion bags per day. Only 1% gets recycled.” Available for guys and girls in sizes S-XL for $16.99 each.

For more eco-inspired tees and their great offer of 1 tree planted for every tee bought visit AGA at www.verdestyles.com.

Free Tee Contest at Sperel

Posted: 29 Nov 2010 03:41 AM PST

I’ve not come across the Sperels before, all I know is that they’re cute, the kids will love ‘em and Sperel.org are holding a free t-shirt contest right now. Here are the details…

Win a Free Sperel Tee

Win A Free Sperel T-Shirt

The criteria is a little dubious, essentially it’s a PR drive to bump up their social network status via Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/savethesperels) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/sperels). There are two chances of winning a freebie tee, but both are being kept secret right now. It’s all based on the numbers of followers and fans they get, if they’re after a 100 of each that’s fine, if they’re looking for world domination I’d start handing over some cash too lol.

Mister Black and The Children of the 80s

Posted: 29 Nov 2010 03:29 AM PST

Spanish tee label Mister Black celebrate the lowbrow visual culture of the 1980s, harking back to a time when the Internet was still a military/educational project, the nearest Brits could get to Anime was Battle of the Planets, when a Walkman was the nearest you’d get to an iPhone, and almost every action packed Hollywood blockbuster was aimed squarely at the funny bone. It’s in this slice of history that you’ll find Mister Black’s diorama of mass cultural iconography and artefact, scraped from the underbelly of nostalgia, and jazzed up for our now far more sophisticated palettes.

If you like your art to lean decidedly on the toon side, wallow in the veritable delights of TV and movie nostalgia, and have an eye for sharp swift graphic illustrations, then Mr. Black has what you need. All the tees on offer are large prints, superbly detailed (I’ll include some photographic proof of that in a moment), cartoon friendly and essentially a lot of fun! I love the site/store design too, the house style is very reminiscent of the artwork of animator Genndy Tartakovsky (creator of classics like Samurai Jack and Dexter’s Laboratory. Just check out Mr. B’s Xmas logo to see what I mean.)

All the tees come in a range of blacks, well what did you expect? Available for guys and girls at (around) €22.99 to €24.99 each although the listed prices on the homepage are correct, the prices displayed in the men’s and women’s sections are incorrect so that needs some fixing! However you can get yourself some free shipping by using the code MERRY XMAS at the checkout until the 7th of January! Anyway here are my faves…

Gonna Call Tee

Gonna Call Tee

Gonna Call Tee (Detail)

Gonna Call Tee (Detail 2)

Gonna Call Tee (Detail 3)

Yes, if you’re a Brit then Ghostbusters will have been ruined for you by the heavily advertised directory services company The Number. Still, this cool tee should help deprogram you and get you back on track for some fond and funny memories. Love the detail on this one, in fact nearly all Mr. B’s tees are amazingly detailed.  Sorry girls this one is sold out… but if you’re into Gonna Call then there’s a few more tees like this one including the Action Tee, the 007 Tee, and the Director Cute  Tee.

Big Robot Tee

Big Robot Tee

Big Robot Tee (Girls)

Perhaps my overall fave, this one’s cheaper at €21.99 each for guys and girls. I’m a sucker for robots, although not in the way some guys love their vacuum cleaner. The girls’ version is sold out, there’s a another version called Big Robot II. but there are only guys sizes left – I have a feeling that the highly organised female collective mind might have bought all their tees early for Xmas.

Face Tee and Doll Face Tee

Face Tee

Doll Face Tee

If the Mr. Men and Little Misses had been French they’d have looked as stylish as these two!

Afrodita Tee

Afrodita Tee (Girls)

Here’s one just for the girls, seeing as Mr. B has sold out so many others! “For those who are like Sayaka Yumi!”. Only available in sizes M-XL though :/

Mister Black is definitely a popular label, especially with the ladies, he must be a very smooth talker ;) See more, read more, buy some at www.mbtee.com.

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