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Bite Life Tee @ Kiss Diss

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 06:35 AM PST

Yes life bites, well at least sometimes, but take some good advice from indie Euro fashion label Kiss Diss and try biting life back!

Bite Life Tee

Bite Life Tee (Black)

Bite Life Tee (Grey)

Bite Life Tee (White)

Available in white, heather and black for €15 this shirt, for me, is kind of a bargain when you consider all the work that’s gone it to it. Definitely not for those with green fingered unless you don’t mind your plants giving you a prune, I can’t get over the detail, would have been nice to have got some big close-ups but you can tell it’s a really nice piece of art from the start. The label was started up in 2009 by Kluzehellion who does a great line in screen prints too.

Here’s the mantra:-

“A small independent clothing company embracing streetwear culture and graphic design, both innovating and experimenting with progressive style, culminating in an abrupt action against branded culture.

Death. Cult. Women.”

Check out the rest of the collection at www.kissdissclothing.com.

Fox Trap Tee

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 03:27 AM PST

Fox Trap Tee

Fox Trap Tee (Girls)

Fox Trap Tee (Guys)

Fox Trap Tee (Detail)

This one’s for the girls, well one girl anyway. There’s just one Fox Trap Tee left at Concrete Rocket (although if there are three sizes I’m guessing a few). It’s one of the best Concrete Rocket have ever produced and a superb girl power tee for the ladies. Turning the ‘ol Red Riding Hood fairytale on its head, the design is more reminiscent of something like Resident Evil! Love the illustration style on this one, a totally classic design. All Concrete Rocket’s tees are custom cut to a slimmer fit btw so you will look snazzy. If you’re out of luck with the girls’ fit there are always the guy’s version here. Get it for $21.90 in either style (if you can!).

Friendly Monsters Tee by Jason O’ Dowd

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 02:33 AM PST

Jason O’ Dowd is a talented designer from Galway in Ireland, a nice friendly toon style and a crazy love for monsters of all kinds, especially the friendly ones :p Check out his highly limited tee at (you guessed it) LTD Tee. It’s still got a few days on the clock if you fancy saving a few dollars with their presale price of $26.99 (usually $29.99). Available in sizes S-XXL for men and women, and comes with a limited edition screen print, a cert. of authenticity, some stickers and a lovely box. Save yourself 10% extra by using the code MNSTR at the checkout too!

Friendly Monsters Tee

Friendly Monsters Tee by Jason O Dowd

Friendly Monsters Tee by Jason O Dowd (Girls)

Friendly Monsters Tee by Jason O Dowd (Detail)

If you’re brassic at the mo’ then you can always download their free Friendly Monsters wallpaper here.

Uberkraaft and Tilteed help Haiti with Old Skuul Kuul Tee

Posted: 23 Nov 2010 02:15 AM PST

The title is a bit of a mouthful but stick with me, it’s a great tee and a great cause too! Tilteed‘s latest new limited edition tee is by illustrator Uberkraaft (Matt Williams) called Old Skuul Kuul. Old Skuul Kuul is on sale on at Tilteed for just 3 days, it’s a limited edition and features a rather snazzy 5-colour doodle design printed on asphalt American Apparel tees. The product page and interview with Uberkraaft can be found here.

Matt has asked Tilteed that they donate all of his earnings to Hope for Haiti. In addition to donating his earnings, we’ll also be matching his donations. So for each shirt sold during the 72-hour period, $4 will be donated to Hope for Haiti. There’s no need to go into any details on this shirt or the designer as Tilteed have already written a full feature and interview with Matt here :/ Anyway… here it is:-

Old Skuul Kuul Tee

Old Skuul Kuul Tee by Uberkraaft

Old Skuul Kuul Tee (Detail)

Pre-order it for just $12 in sizes S-2XL for guys and S-XL for girls. Otherwise you’ll be paying an extra 6 dollars. A nice 5 colour screenprinted tee for a good cause by a great UK illustrator. What more could you ask for? Hmm… world peace, end of all suffering, a few million in the bank and a giant schlong please.

It’s strange but recently I’ve been touting a t-shirt design called “We Heart You” around the net, I wanted to give the profits to anti-child labour charities but no one would touch it for some reason. Even though I got a lot of positive response most labels seem to think it’s too much bother! I won’t mention names and ruin reputations here, however you can have a peek (and a vote if you like) at Design By Humans. I’m hoping (a wild hope I know) that if it wins I can donate the winnings myself).

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