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Sutsu Winter Tees

Posted: 21 Nov 2010 04:22 PM PST

The latest collection of tees available at UK sportswear label Sutsu are more graphic and more abstract than ever, I’ve always liked what Sutsu do but now they’re doing it even better. What’s more there’s a great special offer going on at the moment, especially as the cold winter months are upon us. Spend over £25 at their online store and receive a free polar hat worth £25, so even if you are wearing one of their t-shirts out on a snowy climb at least you can keep your brain functioning :p

The thing is each tee is on sale at a rather steep £25, although many are organic cotton and bamboo shirts and Sutsu also have commitments to the Beach Clean Network and Woodland Friends. Who knows there might be a New Year Sale too if we’re lucky. One thing I do know is Sutsu  is definitely climbing in the popularity stakes having had tons of press coverage since I last reviewed their label, especially in music and high street extreme sports mags like Rocksound, Sidewalk, The Surfers Path, Big Cheese and Windsurf. So I can guarantee you that the stocks will run low no matter what the price structure. Still, if you fancy messing around on the slopes in style, you can get any of these tees in sizes S-XL Do make sure to check out their last postage dates before Christmas or lose out!

Broken Logo Tee

Broken Logo Tee (White)

Although I’m not big on logo tees I have always liked the abstract design of Sustu’s, very Deco/Futurist, yum. What’s more they keep on changing it, almost as regularly as Google used to. Very cool, available in black too.

3 Ways Multi Tee

3 Ways Multi Tee (Black)

Simple, sweet, love that 3D effect… get it in white too.

The Bear Tee

The Bear Tee (Black)

Very cool, clean graphics and a big old grizzly bear gnawing on their logo. At least it’s not a dead skier :o Get it here in white.

Fir Trees Tee

Fir Trees Tee (White)

Very cute for Sutsu, more one for the girls me thinks. Guys will probably prefer the black version.

See ‘em all at www.sutsu.com.

15% Off Kurt Vonnegut Tee

Posted: 21 Nov 2010 04:54 AM PST

Literary label and friends of Buy Tees Kafkacotton are offering a generous 15% off their latest tee based on Kurt Vonnegut‘s classic time/space skipping sci-fi novel Slaughterhouse-Five. Just enter the code BTCHRISTMAS at the checkout and if you order one of their tees by Xmas it’s free shipping too! SH5 was one of my earliest favourite reads and even the movie does the plot justice. If you haven’t heard of the book think of a less gruesome  Jacob’s Ladder on laughing gas in the midst of WW2 interspersed with a little original Star Trek and you’re on the right track. If there’s one planet I’d like to visit for my vacation it’s Tralfamadore, the Tralfamadorians exist in all times simultaneously and have a very different perspective on mortality. Although I must admit, I wouldn’t appreciate being kept in a zoo, then again the protagonist of SH5 Billy Pilgrim did have company, in the form of an adult movie actress. Hmm…

Slaughterhouse-Five Tee

Slaughterhouse-Five Tee

Slaughterhouse-Five Tee (detail)

Get yours in sizes S-3XL from $24 (or 15% less with our code) at www.Kafkacotton.com.

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