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Optical Illusion Tee

Posted: 18 Nov 2010 03:15 PM PST

Here’s a new one on me, it’s a very limited edition tee (just 20 for sale) titled Bird in the Cage by the UK label We Are Vultures. Essentially it’s based on an old Victorian spinning to that creates an optical illusion consisting of two images, one of an empty cage and the other of a bird.

There’s a rather cool video by expertvillage at Youtube that shows you how to make your own bird in a cage optical illusion, but I think that We Are Vulture’s t-shirt looks a lot more fun, especially as it must involve someone spinning around until they’re on the verge of spewing. Yes I still do have a streak of respect for juvenile humour. Anyway, you can get one of only 20 of these tees for 20 quid each in sizes small and medium (I guess the large ones have already sold out!).

Bird in the Cage Tee

Bird In The Cage Tee

This little gem and a couple of other (not quite as spectacular) tees are available at www.WeAreVultures.com.

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