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The Thug Tee @ Socialfabrik

Posted: 17 Nov 2010 11:46 AM PST

I got an email from Eddie Sadowski who runs and designs for Manchester, UK based indie fashion label Socialfabrik. Now that is a great name for a brand! In particular he wanted me to pay particular attention to their latest shirt Thug – which I must admit is absolutely awesome! It’s based on a police marksman target that’s been used since the 1960s and definitely fits in with the whole “fabric of society” theme I’m picking up off this brand. It’s available for £20 in white and grey in all sizes.

The Thug Tee

The Thug Tee (White)

The Thug Tee (Grey)

Here it’s being modelled by Gary Briggs, frontman and guitarist of UK rock band Strays.

Adult Classifieds Tee

Adult Classifieds Tee

Whilst I’m at it I did spot this Adult Classifieds tee, I created a print on similar lines a while back – hey great minds think alike after all… Love it, but it just ain’t available quite yet – sorry folks :/

Socialfabrik already have a strong cult following in Manchester, soon their store will be an art gallery for limited edition art prints and the t-shirts will be the canvas. They aim to take street art from the city walls and onto the public themselves! Check out the rest at www.socialfabrik.co.uk.

Cheer Up Clothing

Posted: 17 Nov 2010 09:06 AM PST

Cheer Up Clothing is a UK based fashion label that offers a range of simple yet stylish graphic, logo/branded and typographic tees and hoodies for a discerning market. They’ve already had a ton of press coverage here in Britain including Front and Kerrang Magazine. They’re also big on music and sponsor several highly acclaimed bands and touring artistes, such as Four Year Strong, You Me At Six, All American Rejects, The King Blue and more. They’re constantly producing home-grown best sellers and are tipped for the top, especially in the international market.

CUC is what I’d call a “real” fashion brand, high quality and confident branding whilst creating a unified style for their collection – which is not an easy thing to do. I’m not so keen on the pocket logo apparel, I remember as a kid everyone buying Lacoste sweaters sporting a tiny crocodile logo. A savvy kid at the school yard asked his dad, who ran an embroidery business, to print up a few hundred tiny crocodile patches. Yes he sold out the first day. I didn’t even buy one of those. Still, even if I am a fashion Marxist I can still appreciate their more creative graphic shirts and the inventive use of their rather groovy logo in their collection. Expect plenty of ice cream themed tees – I’ve even included one in this post. All the tees are unisex and sell for between £20 and £22 (except one on sale for £16) each and are available in a wide range of colours dependent upon the design. Sizes range from XS-L and I’ve noticed a few discontinued t-shirts so watch out – when they’re sold out they’re really sold out.

CU wanted me to mention that their latest collection will be released Wednesday 17th November in celebration of their third anniversary – but as usual I’m featuring my faves across the board.

Tag Foil Tee

Tag Foil Black Tee

Higgledy Tee

Higgledy White Tee

Spaceman Tee

Spaceman Tee (White)

Scribbles Tee

Scribbles Tee

All in all there’s some very cool stuff on offer at Cheer Up Clothing, personally speaking I love the Spaceman Tee – but I always like astronaut-themed tees. Maybe it’s something to do with wanting to be a spaceman as a kid and then discovering that I sucked at maths.

Anyhoo, take a look for yourself, it might just put a smile on your face… www.CheerUpClothing.com.

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