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Benny Gold

Posted: 15 Nov 2010 12:42 PM PST

All that glisters is not gold, unless that is, you’re Benny Gold. Benny Gold has a mantra “Stay Gold” which, for him at the very least, is a reminder that all the ideas and experiences we hold dear are the “real gold” inside each of us. Based in San Francisco Gold’s one man empire began with a lowly sticker and has now branched out to a massive list of design clients including big names like Nike, Adidas, Huf, Wired Magazine, Real Skateboards and tons more. Cool retailers across the planet sell his gear, America is totally covered alongside a few in Europe (including one shop in Britain in Gravesend (of all places!), a few in Canada and a whole shed load in Asia.

Still, if there isn’t a store near you don’t worry Benny Gold has his own online store featuring some very cool tees, tops, jackets, hoodies, hats and stickers. His tees are superb, not particularly on any conceptual level as such, the guy just has an eye and flair to boot. The print quality is mint, plus the house style is a few notches above the usual urban hip-hop iconography you’ve come to expect. What BG has is something almost unobtainable in the market, at least not without a ton of brand recognition strategy and that is a buzz around the label – not for the name or the logo, but the quality. There are some collaborations with some cool artists too including Barcelona born street artist Pez. My fave has to be the Mariachi tee tee which awesomely enough was created by a chance event that placed Benny and his photographer pal Bryan Derballa slap bang in front of a Mariachi player with one of BG’s stickers on his guitar. The rest is history…

No celebrities needed to rank this label in the public Zeitgeist, he has built it, they will come…

Mariachi Tee

Mariachi Tee (Black)

Mariachi Tee (Detail)

Chance is a beautiful thing. Hecho in Frisco detailing with metallic gold accents. $30 in all sizes – colours black, white and green.

Tried & True Tee

Tried & True Tee (Navy)

Tried & True Tee (Detail)

Solid as a rock an anvil. $30 in all sizes – colours black, red and navy.

Freemasons Tee

Freemasons Tee (Blue)

Freemasons Tee (Detail)

Don’t forget the secret handshake. $30 in all sizes – colours black on black, white and royal blue.

Hold Fast Tee

Hold Fast Tee (Black/Gold)

Hold Fast Tee (Detail)

Time is slipping away. Have fun whilst your young because it’s too much bother at my age :/ $30 in all sizes – colours black, grey and red.

Benny Gold, the beauty of it is, they’re just tees you know you’re going to wear…

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